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We ship your order right away if possible. We will normally deliver your order to you in 5 business days following the purchase day. International orders are generally received in under 7 working days.
In some occasions these time frames are not hold by carrier and we do not accept a non receipt claims with in 10 days.
You can return an unopened item within 14 days of delivery with a full refund less shipping.

If your item is not in stock, we will email you before deciding how to proceed.

Any postage cost’s are not refundable.

Any credit card details you entered are transmitted over a secure(SSL) link and stored using 128-bit encryption.

Each item is tested prior to dispatch,in case that your drive can’t read it or there is any other working problem we will send replacement with your address printed on it and video proof will be made of it working with a standard unit of the same type as customers.The non working item has to be destroyed and proof provided prior to dispatch of replacement.
If your drive will fail to read the replacement as well then we take this as proof that the problem is caused by your drive and the contract is fulfilled .
In most cases we will issue a refund anyway after we received a picture of the destroyed replacement .
This may be easily rectified in most cases and we are happy to provide assistance.
The same replacement procedure applies to digital/downloadable map’s(where the map is stored in the unit memory without the presence of supplied media) .
Anyway for a refund we will either need a video proof of the supplied media insertion and the notification on the unit screen following this action and/or a picture of the current map database version displayed on the unit screen.
If this is not supplied we consider the contract as fulfilled without the claim for a refund.


If anything on this site is illegal in any way, shape, or form, then we are unaware of it. Neither we know our host will be responsible for it. All backup devices are for personal use and should only be used in a legal way. If you should use these items for illegal purposes, then you are the sole person responsible. You are not allowed to visit this site if you do not agree with any parts of this disclaimer. we provide a service to make the legal backup copy in accordance with the above statement, to those users who do not have the ability or resources to make the backup copy themselves. By using the services provided here, you are stating that you own a legal retail copy of the SOFTWARE in question and that the copy is to be used for personal use only. Furthermore, you agree not to use the services to resell, distribute, rent, lend, or lease the software in question, and that if you cease to own the retail copy(s), you agree to immediately destroy and discard the backup copy.

•   You are LEGALLY ALLOWED to make a personal backup of any Original software as long as you are the owner of the Original software.

•   Abuse of this service will NOT be tolerated.

•   The management reserve the right to refuse to provide service in cases of suspected or actual abuse.

•   However you MUST DESTROY any backups should you cease to legally own the original retail disk anymore (e.g. selling or giving it away). Before making a backup, check in the supplied manual or on the back of the original disc case/cover as there may be special conditions with regards to making a personal backup.

• Abiding by these conditions should keep you free from trouble while using our service.


This specifically allows the making of back-up copies of software, but only providing it is for lawful use. If there is any doubt over what constitutes a back-up, check your software licence agreement or the software publisher.

IMPORTANT: To purchase these back-up satnav discs you must own the original . These satnav discs are for back-up purposes only. When Purchasing any of these sat nav discs, we therefore assume you have the original in your possession. Our function is strictly to backup your original software to protect it from damage, accidental or otherwise. We provide these back-ups as a service. We will not be held accountable for the buyers use. If you sell your original software, you will destroy the backup of the title. If you imply piracy, then we cannot legally provide a back-up service for you, and we hold no liability for anything you, the buyer will do with the backup, You understand that from purchasing these backups from us, that you are stating to us that you have the original copy of that title, and we will supply it to you on that understanding only. If you imply to us that you do not own the original copy of the satnav disc, then we cannot supply you with the disc, as you have no legal rights to own it.


1.  The services that are provided on this web page is strictly to back up your satnav discs, which you claim to currently own and wish to protect them from damage.

2.  These duplications are allowed under British copyright law and you are entitled to this service by law.

3. We provide this as a service. We will not be held accountable for the purchasers’ use of our backups.

4. If you sell your original software you agree to destroy the backup.

5. You take full responsibility for your own actions when using these backups and release us from all “liabilities that may arise, expressed, written or implied” , by complying with these regulations it allows us (the service provider) to duplicate and you (as a consumer) to receive the right to use backups.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO BE AWARE IF THERE LOCAL LAWS MAKE THEM EXEMPT FROM LAWFULLY OWNING A BACKUP COPY OF THEIR RETAIL SOFTWARE. THIS SITE AND ITS OWNERS ARE NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH ANY OF THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ON THIS SITE. We guarantee your satisfaction. All of our products come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee. In addition, customers from the European Union are protected under the EU Distance Selling


We have never known a system to fail an upgrade or damage

any unit using one of these disks. However, if you do

upgrade your Nav Unit you do so at your own risk.

We offer no warranty, liability, Responsibility or offer compensation should anything go wrong.

If a unit does not update it’s normally one or more reasons

or a combination the following:

• You did not follow the procedure correctly

• Your unit is not accepting a software update

(it could be defective, some units just wont update)

• Your unit may already be at the latest version and you did not read the Software Explanation correctly

• Your car is a Japanese import

We supply this services to help customers which are not technically skilled or do not own appropriate equipment to back up and modify/ad some functionality of current original item.

We do not disclose buyers’ information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfillment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party.

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